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The wedding is one of the most important days in anyone’s life. It’s a lifetime bond between two souls with one another and a promise to spend their entire life being partners for each other. As one of the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi, The Bliss Wish Event Company helps in crafting & capturing the sweet memories of a wedding. We assist in providing a memorable wedding that bride and groom might have dreamt of.

Wedding traditions and customs show great variation between the ethnic groups, cultures, religions, rituals, countries, as well as the social classes involved.

While “Wedding” is a ceremony, “Marriage” is the term accorded to open proclamation that attests the physical as well as eternal union of two soul mates who have pledged to live long and together. The pledge is avowed by senior members of bride and groom families, besides the invited guests.

If you are planning to get married in Delhi, then We will be the guide offering information on various planning strategies, and the process of preparation involved in the marriage ceremony. Wedding is not a state event, and it is not celebration, but a terrific moment, where two souls tie the nuptial pads and become one for all times. It is the time to turn your courtship period into full bloom relationship, where you live as gentle couple, engage as friends, and live a cozier relationship all through your life. The Bliss Wish will help you to live up to your dreams by getting married in flamboyance and enjoy rest of your life.

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Being the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi, the wedding designers at The Bliss Wish Event Company follow the latest trends of the wedding in organizing and arranging a memorable wedding that will be remembered by all the guests.

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