Venue Selection

Venue Selection for Event Planning

Wedding Venue Selection in Delhi NCR

A proper venue selection is necessary to provide the ideal background for your big day. We put a lot of thoughts to come up with a unique place that is not only perfect for the wedding but also strikes a chord with the audience.

Keep following things in mind while selecting a venue for your event:

  • Target Audience/Guest Size
  • Target Audience Status
  • Target Audience Convenience
  • Possible Locations (As per Climatic Conditions)
  • Venue History
  • Venue Services (Venue Staff, Parking facility, Security Arrangements, Restrictions)
  • Venue Fees

Ask following questions from venue manager before hiring a venue:

Q1) What is the venue fee?

    Does it include all other taxes? (Negotiate rental fee to ensure the best deal.)

Q2) What is included in the venue fee?

    Is dance floor included in venue fee? Are table, chairs and linens included in the venue fee? Is security and liability coverage included in the venue fees?

Q3) What is not included in the venue fee?

Q4) Is there any cost for parking?

    Generally parking space is provided free of the cost by the venue but some venues may charge separately for parking facility.

Q5) What is the price range for a seated/buffet lunch and dinner?

Q6) What are the Corkage fees?

    i.e. fees to server liquor. Make sure that venue has the license to serve alcohol. Check the license for expiration date.

Q7) What is the cost of sleeping rooms?

Q8) What is your cost per person and per food item?

Q9) What are your bartending and bar set up fees?

Q10) What are your fees and how do you charge for providing additional services?

    Such as floral decoration, fireworks, audio-visual aids; staging, lighting, props, decor for event production etc.

Q11) What modes of payments are available?

Q12) What are your payment, refund and cancellation policies?