Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Organiser in Delhi/NCR

A little bit of wine can loosen a few tongues. A cocktail dinner can be a formal or informal gathering, but this is a wedding so let it be informal. People will be mingling, socializing and exchanging chit-chat, with a couple of good drinks and good food at hand.

What We offer:

We at Cocktail Party Organiser in Delhi take the issue of choosing drinks seriously. Drinks will be served according to season, winter or summer. We also:

Take care of the venue

  • Bartending issues
  • Snacks
  • Food/Buffet
  • Cocktail/Mocktail Drinks

Why Hire us for Cocktail Party?

Choosing the drinks, choosing the servers, measuring and everything else is a lot of hassle. Why should you be bothered with so much work when we are there to help you out?

Managing Cocktail Party for you while you enjoy chit-chat

Life is all about celebrations! And if you are planning to celebrate your success/Pre-Wedding Cocktail Function, life or achievement with your near ones by throwing a cocktail party in Delhi and NCR then let us make it a complete success with our quality service. Arranging or organising a cocktail party needs proper planning and management or it might end with a disaster. You have to plan and prepare the menu, book venue, ensure proper decoration, bar tending issues and much more. Just contact us for cocktail parties and The Bliss Wish will ensure that everything goes smoothly while you focus on socializing and exchanging chit-chat with your invitees or guests.

For cocktail parties, we become very selective in choosing and serving drinks that best go with the occasion and season. We pick drinks for your guests, choose servers and other bar tending related items so that we can continue to keep your guests in a good mood.

To know more about our services or for bookings please write to us at or phone us on +91-8287201301 or +91-8447917361!!